Thursday, May 10, 2012

Stolen, Thinkin' & Cruisin'

Happy Thursday Friends!

What a week! Let me start by saying that my spirit was temporarily "out of service" earlier this week.

Some creep (putting it nicely) stole my identity. Not to just charge it up but to get a tax refund! Holy Hell. I cannot believe this has happened and I don't really have deets as the IRS keeps most of that private...all I know is it is A HUGE NIGHTMARE and money that was rightfully owed to us is now delayed at the EARLIEST 4 months. SUPER sad face!

I spent that day in bed. Tears. Snot. Feeling pretty darn crappy. But I did what I could do on my end and after all that is all I can do. Now I have to sit and wait.(let me say a quick appreciation to my friends (you know who you are) that sent me virtual hugs and messages to cheer me UP)

I decided that I wasn't going to let that trump me. Yes, it is a set back. Yes, it has ruined my credit. Yes, I am being investigated. Yes, I am still angry. BUT I am alive, healthy, roof over my head, food to eat etc etc and so is my family. FOR that I give thanks.

This is my latest column for the online mag I write for...pretty much coincides with this. 

On a much happier note....the day before this ordeal....I found out and finalized that I am going on a 7 day CRUISE!!!! HECK YEAH! My lovely and fabulous friend Sarah has invited me on this trip of a lifetime! We leave out of Puerto Rico and cruise the Virgin Islands for 7 days! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO WEEEEEEEEEEEEE

This could NOT have happened at a better time. I feel like this is exactly what I need. EXACTLY. After moving and all the changes that are happening in my life.

Time to sit back, take in some vitamin D, laugh, and just enjoy my time for a week.
This will be my view...feel free to BE VERY JEALOUS

I want to tell you about an oatmeal I had this morning. It was so freaking good that I want to share

 It comes in this pouch that you can measure your 2 cups of water with. It tasted like cocoa pebbles...just warm. SO YUMMY! Even has flaxseed folks! DELISH!

Have a great Thursday and weekend! Remember to always give thanks!


*albums to check out: Karmin  and The Wood Brothers Live Volume One Sky High*


  1. Holy crap! So sorry to hear about the identity issue =(

    As for the cruise, yes!! We went to PR a few yrs ago and fell in love with Old San Juan. We loved it so much we want to retire there...seriously. Have fun!

  2. Not only am I jealous, but you seem to take pleasure that I am jealous! Have fun!!