Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Just breathe....and believe

Hi friends,

   Sure has been awhile since I have made a post. I don't have a solid excuse why I have not sat down to update my blog. Plenty has been going on to talk about.

Currently, I am wrapping up training for my 2nd marathon that is on December 9th! Woo hoo. I am nervous but I am just praying for NO rain!

I am excited that I have amazing friends to share this with!

 My buddy Victor is coming to visit me the week before to do our last long run together since we haven't been able to run this entire season.
I am also excited to be running with my dear gal, Ashley D, she is amazing! I am not sure I would have signed up without her push.

The sun is currently flowing through my office window and I am listening to the Lumineers.( if you aren't familiar with them or this album-I suggest you give it a listen) I feel like I am blessed. Just so blessed.

Why you ask? Life, love and health. Every day I am given a new day. A new palate. A day to create something new. To accomplish a new goal or form a new dream. That is a gift. As they say, a mind is a terrible thing to waste. And I have to agree...I am a dreamer and a thinker.

My daughter brings so much love to my life. She fills my heart with so much JOY. Here she is today just being herself.  (another reason I feel SO incredibly blessed)


New topic now is I am on to a new venture. I am now involved with the company Visalus. I am drinking the shakes that are amazing. I have tried several different protein shakes. Especially because I like the idea of a quick, healthy meal that sustains. I have to say, I have never had this much sleep and energy. I am on day 5 of a 90 day challenge and I feel incredible.

I know there are several mixed reviews as there are on ANY company especially when people these days are so skeptical on companies making claims on health. But you just have to try and go with what you like. I am an adult and can make decisions for myself.
I know it works. I know I feel good. I know I am sleeping like a log. This makes me love this product and I wish more people would join me on my 90 day challenge or create one for themselves.

Another project or should I say dream/goal coming to life is me becoming a personal trainer. Classes are to begin this week! I could not be more pleased! I can't wait to have this accomplished.

I love life. To love life is to love yourself and want a happy and healthy life. That starts from the inside. You must want to be here. Eating burgers and sitting on the couch isn't going to do that. I want to be free of disease and sickness. And I want to share the wealth of knowledge to others and encourage others.

AND I am going back to work. After a little over 2 years home with my AMAZING angel girl, I am putting my skills back in use.

I feel like I am leaving 2012 with a bang! And I could not be more pleased!!!

My final message today is to love everyone. My cousin (Michelle) posted this on Facebook today. I want to share it because I feel the same. Let's move forward after this election and STOP the negative talk.

I love you if you're a liberal or a conservative, if you're black or white, if you're gay or straight, if you had an abortion or have not, if you're rich or poor, if you're an atheist or believer...If you are human, I love you.

I wish you all a WONDERFUL day!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Back to Square One

It was Sunday. My long run days. I took the route around my hood. I knew it would be hot and the hills were steap but I needed a soul cleansing for that is my church. It was definitely a sight with the amount of sweat seeping from my pores...woo wee

Here I was running down the street, watching cars go by in their Sunday best. Running by churches, fields, Wal Greens, houses...everything.. thinking to myself how DIFFERENT my life is just from one year ago.

* One of the church signs I passed caught my attention. It said "word of the week:compassion" I stopped an shot a picture of it. I felt like with all the the tragedy that is happening all around us...YES. We should all show compassion to one another. It has been my word of the week and I challenge you to make it YOURS too.*

Back to where I was .....I was in Dallas a year ago...eating meat (now vegetarian) running at my favorite spot. White Rock Lake. I loved it. The air, the water, the boats and especially the sunrises and sunsets. It was like food for my soul running there and it ALWAYS cleared my mind.

I still haven't found a spot here that I feel that way yet. I definitely felt soul awakening on Sunday because I thought here I am...back where I started..back where I am from. I am a firm believer in things happen for a reason. I believe your life's plan is mapped out. Yes, we take detours but what is supposed to happen does even if it hurts. I believe that people come in to your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime.

It is wild. It seemed like when I moved to Dallas in 2002 that I was starting a new chapter in my life. I was back reunited with my sister and my husbands family is primarily down there. I did start a new chapter there. I did start a family.  I made some amazing friends over the years there that I miss incredibly much.

my sister and I when she visited me in June

On the other side of this, I am reunited with many many old friends I have not seen in years. It wonderful knowing that they are only a phone call away.

So friends, I say that it is time. It is time to write the book I always said I would write. I have written columns and product reviews for magazines. I found that fun and I enjoyed but I know that I more to say and definitely more to share. Many of my long time friends would agree...

So I on my run Sunday I decided I would begin my dream and make it happen...I find it only necessary that I am back to square one because I feel like I am going to have a chapter or two or three just from being back...
I can already tell by the people I have run into since I have been back.

Getting ready for the adventure... because I am ready to relive some of most wonderful, crazy, happy and sad times in one collection. Of course names will be changed to protect them.

Happy Tuesday! Happy National Tequila Day *drink up

CHEERS friends!!!

Friday, June 1, 2012

All Aboard

I survived! I just got back from a 7 day excursion to some of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. I still am overwhelmed with gratitude that my dear friend, Sarah, took me on this journey.

It started in Puerto Rico. When I got off the plan I couldn't believe it was real. It seemed like a journey just to get there. LOTS of hours in the plane to get to Puerto Rico but it was definitely worth it.

It was overcast in PR, but that didn't damper my spirit. I will admit leaving my sweet little girl for 7 days was tough...I had tears on the way to the airport...but it was a good experience for the BOTH of us.She got quality daddy and family time. 

I got a trip of a lifetime with a friend I don't get to see very often.

We started by heading straight to the liquor store. Surprise surprise. I learned that you could bring 2 bottles each of wine or the bubbly (champagne) so we quickly gathered our supplies.

Sarah had some stuff she brought taken away. She thought she would just pack it. Hilarious. She was actually surprised when they took it. Still makes me laugh.

We got to our ocean view room and unpacked. Anyone that knows me should not be surprised. I am a neat freak! I like things in place.

We decided after to check the ship out. Get familiar. I am not sure why because we continued to get LOST all week long. 

Anyone that has been a cheesy Carnival cruise should know they like to take your picture. Not only do they like to take it but with CHEESY backgrounds. I would rather pass them by but not my friend. She takes every opportunity to let us make asses of ourselves.

If the pictures weren't $20 a pop you would have enjoyed seeing the pictures we took. Something I think about and just laugh. We definitely used the props and acted out scenes. SOBER mind you.
(think titantic)

After our exploring, we enjoyed our first chef prepared meal. I loved the vegetarian options.

We decided to stay in that night since we knew we had a full week ahead.  So after walking around some more we went to our room to call it a night.

We got up early to hit the gym. YEP. The gym. I worked out every day on the ship. Good way to start the day.

Our first stop was St Thomas. There seems to be many Americans that stay there. I asked every single one of them why St Thomas and no one had a real answer for me.  I came to the conclusion that the ships just left them behind. I just truly wasn't a huge fan.

Don't get me wrong, it is very beautiful there but just wasn't my favorite.

Tuesday was a day at sea. We were thankful for the "day" off to just relax because we both had long days on Sunday from travel.
We found chairs on the upper deck and just sun bathed ALL DAY long. It was perfect.

Wednesday was Barbados. One of the best days I have EVER had in my life. I don't even have pictures really (still waiting on some from Sarah) but the day itself was just magical.

It was overcast and we thought we wouldn't get much sun. We like to just park it on a beach.  We had asked our waiter the night before for a suggestion of a beach but SO thankful we asked the locals when we got off the ship.

Brown's beach was the SPOT. Sarah and I like to talk to people. Especially locals. We like to find out their story etc. Everyone in Barbados seemed to be young looking and just HAPPY.

Even the beach vendors didn't annoy me. It's like a NYC sidewalk on the beach. I actually bought and anklet. Unlike me but the RUM punch was good...soooo good. The secret was nutmeg. Delicious and dangerous. No real stop there.

Friday was St Kitts. BEAUTIFUL! So beautiful. It was just breathtaking. The only thing is LOTS of hills. I have a fear of heights and those cab rides I was PRAYING the entire time and NOT looking down.

I need to add some pictures of St Kitts. Everyone has a pet monkey. So cute. We made another friend for the day, his name was Joe and his pet monkey was Mr Jim Brown. Hilarious.

He was our buddy for the day and we enjoyed learned more about the culture and way of life there. I seriously just wanted to move there.

This brings us to the last day. St Maarten. This was my favorite island. Not my favorite day but I loved it there. I do definitely plan on coming back to visit. Lots to do and the beaches were just gorgeous.

I probably could elaborate more on each day or even the nights or let Sarah tell her version...haha I definitely acted younger than my age. But I blame the people. They all thought I was 26. One said 28 and thought that was going to offend me.

People thought I looked like Jewel or Cameron Diaz. It was good for my ego. Seriously.  Funny too.

I had the BEST time. I am glad this is how I got to start my summer. What a blast and a trip I will NEVER forget!


I will add more scenery pics soon!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Stolen, Thinkin' & Cruisin'

Happy Thursday Friends!

What a week! Let me start by saying that my spirit was temporarily "out of service" earlier this week.

Some creep (putting it nicely) stole my identity. Not to just charge it up but to get a tax refund! Holy Hell. I cannot believe this has happened and I don't really have deets as the IRS keeps most of that private...all I know is it is A HUGE NIGHTMARE and money that was rightfully owed to us is now delayed at the EARLIEST 4 months. SUPER sad face!

I spent that day in bed. Tears. Snot. Feeling pretty darn crappy. But I did what I could do on my end and after all that is all I can do. Now I have to sit and wait.(let me say a quick appreciation to my friends (you know who you are) that sent me virtual hugs and messages to cheer me UP)

I decided that I wasn't going to let that trump me. Yes, it is a set back. Yes, it has ruined my credit. Yes, I am being investigated. Yes, I am still angry. BUT I am alive, healthy, roof over my head, food to eat etc etc and so is my family. FOR that I give thanks.

This is my latest column for the online mag I write for...pretty much coincides with this. 

On a much happier note....the day before this ordeal....I found out and finalized that I am going on a 7 day CRUISE!!!! HECK YEAH! My lovely and fabulous friend Sarah has invited me on this trip of a lifetime! We leave out of Puerto Rico and cruise the Virgin Islands for 7 days! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO WEEEEEEEEEEEEE

This could NOT have happened at a better time. I feel like this is exactly what I need. EXACTLY. After moving and all the changes that are happening in my life.

Time to sit back, take in some vitamin D, laugh, and just enjoy my time for a week.
This will be my view...feel free to BE VERY JEALOUS

I want to tell you about an oatmeal I had this morning. It was so freaking good that I want to share

 It comes in this pouch that you can measure your 2 cups of water with. It tasted like cocoa pebbles...just warm. SO YUMMY! Even has flaxseed folks! DELISH!

Have a great Thursday and weekend! Remember to always give thanks!


*albums to check out: Karmin  and The Wood Brothers Live Volume One Sky High*

Thursday, May 3, 2012

May has arrived!

 For many, that is race season.

 I just actually had my 1st race for the year. I was hoping it would have been at least a 1/2 marathon but without proper training I completed a 10k.

It was really fun because it was on the campus of my college-Oklahoma State University.

 I got to run through campus and just think about all the good times I had there. Seeing how much has changed.

I am in the yellow with my friends Bill & Kristi with their daughter

Here is my race medal for Remember the Ten Race

I wanted to finish in 60 minutes. I knew that would be tough goal considering I have not really been running enough. I finished in 70 minutes. I was very PROUD of myself for that!

*It honors the 10 members of the basketball team that we lost January 27, 2001 in a plane crash.

I'm glad I did it and I look forward to doing it again next year now that I am back in Oklahoma.

I am not going to lie I have not been running as much I would like to be. It was rough just jumping into a 10k race but I knew I could do it. I think that has been my mentality ever since I did the 26.2.

I will begin training for my next marathon come June 1st.

I am really enjoying life here in the windy city...I know it isn't technically called that but seriously should be!

This last weekend my Aunt Nancy came up and we went to the Arts Festival here. It should be called the "eats" festival because man did we PIG out. The food was DEEEE licious.

here we are in the grassy lil one was mesmerized by the statue behind us

But here we are later playing on the ground in our living room.

I love her and how silly she can be.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! I look forward to doing more races now that I finally got one under my belt for the year!


Monday, April 16, 2012

Tornado REMIX

Hey friends!
   How was your Friday the 13th? Probably not quite like mine. Let's see I just happen to be cruising on the high way during a tornado....sound fun? Hardly.

I was headed back to Dallas for the weekend (hard to believe it has already been a month) for a memorial service. My dear friend's dad had passed after his TOUGH battle with esphageal cancer. It was a beautiful memorial and it was wonderful to hug such special friends even though the circumstances were sad.

I am sure you want me to talk more about this tornado huh?
I was driving and it was raining really hard. I could barely see in front of me. Part of me wanted to just turn around and go home but truly that was the direction the storm was supposed to be heading.

I started noticing people stopping and pulling over under the over passes. I was listening to my remix(something I will share shortly) and so I didn't hear anything announced on the radio.

I quickly called my husband who was at home and DEADLY terrified of tornados. He told me there was one in Norman. Well friends, guess where I was. Yep. This tornado was rain wrapped which means you can't see it. EVEN SCARIER. I counted on prayers to pull me out of this.

I had tears running down my face. I am not afraid to admit it because shit folks it was a freaking tornado! I was thinking of my girl. My beautiful incredible and wonderful 22 month old Zoie. I didn't want this to be the end...and sure enough I made it through.

WOO WEE that was the biggest wall cloud I have seen in a really long time. I am from Oklahoma and I have been through this before just not in a long time and not in front of my face!

I am thankful for a safe trip down and a wonderful weekend amongst family and friends despite the reason I traveled there! I probably should get better about posting pictures. I will indeed work on that.

Ok for the title of this blog. I did this before and some people asked me to do it again so here you go. I made a playlist for my drive down that I titled "driving" but I am going to rename this Tornado REMIX.

Some of these songs are NOT new obviously and some you might think what the......
do not judge my song choices. They all move me and I will admit some just make me want to move my booty...


Here is the list:
Don't Leave Me ( ne me quitte pas) by Regina Spektor
The Rifle's Spiral  by The Shins
Wild Onesby Flo Rida featuring Sia
Love Interruption by Jack White
Hold On by Alabama Shakes
Somebody That I Used to Know by Gotye
Boyfriend By Justin Bieber (see you are judging)
Strange Clouds By B.O.B featuruing Lil Wayne
Feel the Tide by Mumford & Sons
The Cave By Mumford & Sons (one of my most fav songs)
Rack City by Tyga *you will judge me for this one I'm sure
Dog Days Are Over By Florence+the Machine
Love in Her Eyes by Reckless Kelly
Laundry Room By Avett Brothers
I Won't Give Up by Jason Mraz
Safe & Sound By Taylor Swift
I And Love And You by Avett Brothers
Let Me Hold You by Stoney Larue
Lonely Boy by  The Black Keys
We Are Young by Fun
Faster by Matt Nathanson
Hey Girl (Live in Madison Square Garden) By O.A.R.
Love And Memories (") By O.A.R.
The Love Song by Trevor Hall
Wagon Wheel By Old Crow Medicine Show
Crazy Eddie's Last Hurrah By Reckless Kelly
On My Way Back Home Again by Jim Ward
Take Me Home Tonight By Eddie Money
Your Love by The Outfield
Ni**as in Paris By Jay Z
Good Life By OneRepublic
I'm Alive By Kenny Chesney / Dave Matthews
Lay Down by O.A.R.
3 Rounds And A Sound By Blind Pilot  (another fav song)

Well, hope I might I might of introduced to something if not update one of your playlists. I love music! Obviously my taste is all over the place.

Happy Monday All! I hope you have a wonderful week!


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

New Chapter Begins

Howdy friends!

  I cannot believe it has been nearly 2 months since I have written anything. Actually, I can. I was told I was moving to another state and had to find a home and MOVE all within around 30 days.

I am here to report. I am moved. I am unpacked and I am pretty much settled in.
It is SO different here. Yes, I am from Oklahoma but I have never lived in Edmond (suburb of the OC) and I have not lived in OKC for over 12 years +.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my neighborhood and my new neighbors and is a BREATH of fresh air having so much community feel around me. We never got to know any of our neighbors in the entire time we lived in Dallas.

It is more kid friendly here and we can take walks around our neighborhood at night. There is even a path on the main streets that many run on! That was seriously awesome to see.

I am still searching for the gym I want to join but no worries there because it is WAY cheaper here. I can't even begin to express.

I get to see my dad multiple times a week and I have seen many old faces just in the last couple of weeks.

I have a feeling I am going to enjoy it here even though I said I would never move back. I am happy and I love the feeling I have here.

Oklahoma is more than just OK it is fantastic!!