Friday, February 17, 2012

Cha Cha Cha Changes

I have finally made the big announcement that I have been sitting on for a couple of weeks.

I am moving. Not just into another home but out of state.

"No" The answer my husband originally gave his boss when he was asked about going. Only because he knew I never wanted to move back. I have nothing against Oklahoma City (yes that's where I'm headed) I just had closed that chapter.

My husband is very excited. He has obviously never lived there so it is a brand new world for him to explore. Many things have changed over the years so I have lots of exploring myself to do.

In fact, I haven't lived in OKC since probably 2000? I don't remember. I came straight to Dallas from Stillwater, Ok (where I went to school).

I am open for change. LOTS OF IT. After all, I am a Sagittarius.  True to my sign. My wandering spirit.

Although, we were originally talking in January about Tennessee or North Carolina. He wanted to be closer to his Grandparents. But this opportunity presented itself and that is where I am from. I have LOTS of wonderful friends that still live there and my DEAR DAD! This is wonderful for my little girl. She will get to see him weekly, as will I.

Some have asked why Oklahoma? He works for the Red Cross. He is offered a higher position being in charge of Oklahoma & Arkansas. I am super proud of him. I said "HECK NO" to the idea of moving to Arkansas (sorry to offend anyone) but I am just not interested in living there.

This move will happen within the next month. I am very busy searching for a home. I am actually getting really excited knowing I can see my best friends any weekend I want. That is very magical to me!

Ready for this next my so called life...

CHEERS!!! oh and YEE HAW!


  1. SO CRAZY!! Dallas is very sad to be losing you, but I guess we have enjoyed you while you have been here! And will love it when you come visit! Can't believe you are moving, but it does sound like an awesome chapter for you guys!