Monday, January 16, 2012

Angry Juice

Where to begin from my last much has gone on.

In a nutshell, my fast did not last the intended 10 days. I made it to Day 4. Although, the energy level seemed alright, I truly felt hungry and my time to have my 3rd shake on Day 4 I just went and made a salad instead.I was getting cranky. My husband called it "angry juice"

 My new goal was to just eat what I would with the shakes and still juice.

Unfortunately, my plans had to change. We had to pack up suddenly and jump in the car and head to Ohio the following day for a family emergency. I just returned yesterday afternoon. I did only eat vegetarian but I did indulge in some sweet treats.
It is very hard to eat well on the road. Especially when all you can grab is a salad and that option isn't always available. I even skipped out a meal or two when I didn't have an option because I am sticking to my NEW vegetarian lifestyle.

I still recommend this juice fast to others because I felt good and clean. I will still make some juices once a day. I think its a great way to get your body the nutrients it needs.

I truly believe you just have to eat right and exercise. I don't think there is anything else you can do. I don't believe in cutting carbs or any of those diets. And I really did it for a cleanse. I haven't seen a much of a scale difference.

I think the key is to plan ahead so you don't end up snacking on something you would regret and always have water nearby. I guzzle it all day long.

Right now, I am extremely exhausted from our trip. BUT I did just get back from the store picking up goodies like kale, carrots etc to juice!


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