Thursday, January 5, 2012

floating along...literally

Today is a new day and I feel different already after only 1 day on my cleanse.  The scale is also already showing a 2lb decrease from Monday...although that is not why I did this but BONUS BEATS!

I woke up feeling rested. I did still feel hungry, but I chose to not really focus on that. The good news was I knew that is was working.

 I slept really well last night. That doesn't happen all the time unless I have something to help me out. Like Valerian Root (natural herb to help calm the body) or alcohol haha but we all know that isn't REAL SLEEP!

I went back to the store today to load up on more veggies and fruit. I was thinking when I left that if I was just eating this stuff raw it would last a lot longer! It is amazing how much goes in to 20 oz of JUICE!

My husband asked to have one this morning. He liked it. It is wild that he is on board with all this vegetarian stuff with me. He is such the meat lover! In fact, he used to say "if it had a mom or dad and a face it belongs on my grill"

What is funny is that watching Forks Over Knives documentary, a Dr said almost the same words but said YOU SHOULDN'T EAT IT! Wild stuff!

I am on my 2nd shake of the day. I know I said I would not create a new "flavor" after yesterday but I still did. It is so delicious. I used kale, spinach, celery, parsley, lemon, blackberries, cucumber, golden delicious apples and carrots.

I am excited to continue this journey...I am not going to lie it is TOUGH not eating. I feel the hunger and when I prepare stuff for my daughter I want to taste it and have to hold myself back. Her sweet potato she is currently chowing down on for lunch is like poison to me right now because it is taking everything I have not to go over to her and steal it! Haha

Alright folks...I would do a recap of the remainder of the day tomorrow and hopefully have new things to report!

Shout out to @joymcgill for her cheerleading!Thanks friend!


  1. Awesome stuff!! I enjoy food a lot, more the process of it than the flavor... chew chew chew..... I would have trouble with doing this... stay strong!

  2. Keep it up, girl! Today has sucked with the breakfast food that's just chilling in the kitchen at work, but I'm staying strong! Couldn't imagine actually prepping food that I can't eat!

  3. Keep up the great work, Emily. You are such an inspiration to us all. And just think of how great you will feel mentally, spiritually and physically once your fast is complete!