Friday, January 20, 2012

twenty twelve-I am digging you

I really am starting to feel like this is going to be my year! I have already done the NY post but as the weeks go on I am feeling like I really know what I want and I am going after that.

HEALTH is by far at the top of my list. I am glad I started this before the NY rang in because it kept me rolling on...

I have to say its starting to be an obsession. I have been e-mailing articles to my family and I LOVE the response I am getting. Many of my cousins and aunts including my SIL are asking me questions and telling me I INSPIRED THEM! That is so very cool to me.

I even have friends that have never ran that are inspired by my 26.2 in December that they have started running! I love hearing that!

It is one thing to inspire someone to smile, have a good day or what have you but hearing you inspire a LIFESTYLE change well I think that is incredible.

Yes, this year did start rough losing a loved one and my kiddo getting sick but you always learn from those or gain. I have to say we were so sad to lose her (dear Mimi) but we got QUALITY time with other family member we would not have and so did Zoie.  Memories we can treasure forever.

Next week I am doing a 52 level stair climb! I know. Wild huh? Totally different ball game than running.  BUT it is for an excellent cause! My friend is a TWO TIME survivor and that just tells you we MUST KEEP FIGHTING!
If you have a moment and you are able please help me raise some money
Personal Fundraising Page:
What for you ask? Check out my page!

I have a long lists of wants that I plan to make happen this year...and it might include a new city so stay tuned.....

Remember NEVER GIVE UP. If it is important to you or you think about it more than a is worth it.  You were given this life because you ARE strong enough to live it! Remember that!

Thanks for traveling on my journey!

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