Friday, January 6, 2012

B to the L to the OAT

Here I am on Day 3. I still am feeling pretty good. I am very surprised at my energy level. I was able to do crunches and pushups last night. They were not easy and had to take breaks due to getting lightheaded.

I am going to try to run this weekend. Not a far distance but at least 3 miles a day hopefully more depending on how I feel.

I am still getting creative with my juices. I originally said I would not make any more up and that I would make one big batch but I have done neither. I guess washing the juicer is fun...nope but I do it.

I stick with the "original" recipe from this cleanse and have it in the morning and night. The other two I have during the day are really random. I have to use some staples because you need juice so cucumbers and either kale, spinach and today I used chard.

One of my juices today had radishes. Yep, love those spicy little roots! It was a different taste but I mixed carrots, spinach, and pears with it. A little celery too and of course cucumbers. Those are juicy veggies.

One thing is I am eating or "drinking" carrots. I don't like them but I can't really taste them. So I am definitely going to buy more.

Funny this morning my husband tried to eat on of my green apples. I told him no. haha He was like "Em you have 4 bags" like I said you would be shocked how much it takes to get 16-20 oz of juice!

I feel energized but FAT. I guess bloated is the proper term. I am not pooping like I thought I would be doing. Just peeing a lot. I wanted a I dropped 10 lbs poop or something.  O 'well maybe as I push on. haha  I am laughing because my energy level is high and everything I say I think is funny. Oh dear.

Ok I have one more shake to go today and the weekend is here. It will be tough watching my husband eat but at least he will be choosing healthy options and won't scarf down a bacon burger in my face because if he did...I might end up on the 10 o'clock news.

Alright folks...I will probably recap my weekend Monday!

Cheers! Drink Up...juice that is!

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