Monday, January 23, 2012

Manic Monday

Funny how when I was just about to sit down to write this the popular song by The Bangles popped in my head. I am sure we are all familiar with "Manic Monday"
The lyrics almost made me made me laugh...or at least chuckle

It's just another manic Monday
I wish it was Sunday
*My I don't have to runday
It's just another manic Monday

* Funny because Sunday is my "I have to runday."
Since I am in a "musical" mood, I thought I would share 10 of my "must" listen to right now list. Some are not brand new but current obsessions and I thought I would pass them along.

1) Somebody I Used to Know by Gotye
2) Laundry Room By The Avett Brothers
3) Down in the Valley by Head & the Heart
4) Forgive Me by City & Colour
5)I Won't Give Up by Jason Mraz
6) Calamity Song by The Decemberists
7) Lucky Now by Ryan Adams
8)Bright Lights by Gary Clark Jr
9)Lonely Boy by The Black Keys
10) Get Some by Lykke LI

I hope I added some new music to your play list! Enjoy! I might just start making Monday "music monday" and sharing new songs.

As Monday always approaches, I always try to have a positive attitude. After all, you were given a new week right there that is something to be thankful for. Right?

On the twitter feed this morning I saw a tweet from a gal named Caitlin. She listed some wonderful things and her hash tag was #toenjoylist.

 Long story short...she picked up this idea from another gal named Heather. I told them both I was going to join this train.

Basically, daily you list things or such that you are grateful for. This is actually something I used to do. I used list 3 things daily.

 I am jumping back on ship and riding this out! I want to invite you to join. 
Today I would love to see the twitter feed loaded up with #toenjoylist and if you want to follow the lovely gals who are embracing this
I encourage you follow @hriacobacci (founder :0) @caitplusate (responsible for me writing this up today)

Let's do this!

Last but not least I would just like to share my monthly column I write. I thought it might help those who might have fallen off the NY resolution train and I would like to encourage NOT to give up!

HOPE all of you have a wonderful week! Go check out those tunes, start your #toenjoylist & ENjoy my column!



  1. So glad you are spreading the #toenjoylist love, Emily! I can't wait to see your list each day too!!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing the to enjoy list with others. I really have found that it helps me to remember that no matter how tough the day is, there are still things to be grateful/thankful for, things to enjoy and look forward to. So glad you like the idea as well ;-)

  3. love the music!!
    Thanks woman!!